When People Try Google Glass


When you become a #GlassExplorer you are more than just doing some BETA testing.  You are also an ambassador for the technology.  As such, you will get the opportunity to interact with people who are curious and often enthusiastic about the product.  This happens EVERYWHERE!  I have had people ask me about it at Disney, at restaurants, at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, almost everywhere.

While I have had nothing but positive reactions from people up to this point some people are more enthusiastic than others.  One example is a fellow employee Jose who was very interested and trying #Glass out.  As you can see here Jose is all smiles after having tried out the standard “Okay Glass, take a photo” commands and then moved on to trying out the Google Play Music app as well as the Spellista app.  He took the time to get a feel for the controls which are pretty intuitive.

This brings up a point for us #GlassExplorers that I would love to hear some feedback on.  What do you demo when you are showing #Glass to someone?  As I said above I will usually start with taking a photo, and then move on to calling up music to listen to and maybe a game or a Google search.  Then I typically just have them scroll around to get used to the touch pad and the general interface.

If you are new to the #Explorer program and are a bit shy, you better get ready to meet some new people and experience just how much fun it is to share this new technology.  Also, you should also get the items you like to use most setup as your demo for people.  I know that is what I have done and it seems to work well.

What is your demo sequence of choice?

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  1. Damien, are you actually using Glass to “enhance” your life or is it just part of a marketing program for Glass? I don’t mean to be critical but this article read more like a “go out and demo glass” piece than a “this is how I use Glass to add value to my life”. It’s all about showing off Glass and less about how useful it is.

  2. Hey Khürt, How goes it?

    I am indeed using it to enhancement my life. Although this is limited to outside of my work environment as they are not exactly sure what to make of Google Glass as of yet.

    It is certainly a bit of a cheer leader piece, I admit, but its target is really for current and new Glass Explorers on how they might actually show the product. I know version one of Glass had a demo mode, but the version I started with, version 2, does not. So I wanted to briefly describe what apps I show off as part of my demo. I am also very curious about what others are doing for their demos.

    It is a great question you ask, and I have started looking for an answer to that myself. The way I ask it is basically, has it gotten to be like a cell phone where if I forget it (which I rarely do) I feel naked (remember when we couldn’t always reach out to someone at any second of the day?).

    I do usually choose to not wear Glass for at least 1 day a week, to keep perspective. I can honestly tell you that no, I do not feel naked without it, but starting a couple of weeks ago, when I am not wearing glass, I do miss the ease of communication and content delivery. It isn’t a case of being too lazy to look at my cell phone, but just the next logical step in content consumption and communication process.

    I am thinking at the 6 month mark of me having Glass, I may do an objective piece about how much i have or have not come to naturally rely on Glass over my mobile.

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