When I Grow Up

I did things a little bit backwards when it came to leaving home after highschool. I had been scratching out code on computers and doing basic websites out of high school. After a brief stint loading luggage and pushing commercial jets around (awesome job by the way), by the age of 20 or so I had my first job as a software tester. All this happened before I ever started college.

A few short years after starting doing software testing, where I was writing automated testing code in various languages, I was asked to join the development team.All that said, I have been in the software industry for about 20 years now.

I can honestly say I still love building software, and I suspect I will always appreciate the ability and artistry used to craft applications for people to use. But because I have been doing software essentially all of my adult life and then some, I have started looking towards what I want to be when I grow up.

We made the decision that my wife was going to stay home to be there for our kids. It hasn’t always been easy, but I think overall it has been a good thing. That said, she is now getting towards the end of finishing her undergrad and she will soon start looking to start her career as the kids are now in highschool or college.

Once I no longer have to be the primary bread and health insurance winner, I too will make a change in the next handful of years to possibly moving to freelance work full-time. This will be the fulfilment of a dream I have had for many years, but I think I am more excited about what I really want to be when I finally grow up.

It may never happen, but to open a high-end, Porsche focused, performance car shop would be the fulfilment of a dream I think. It doesn’t ever have to be huge, just enough to have a handful of bays I and my crew can help preserve these amazing cars.

Who knows if that will ever happen, but right now that is what I want when I grow up. I want to go from software to the hardware of high performance cars.

What do you want to do when you grow up?


Image Credit: Les Chatfield


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