To Podcast or Not To Podcast

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MY techstreet blog on 1/29/2007

So here I am debating on if I should create my own podcast. It seems everyone has one, so why shouldn’t I? I have thoughts and feelings that should be expressed and set out for the masses don’t I? Don’t my ramblings mean anything to anyone?

Maybe these are questions I should have asked before I created a blog. I think these are valid questions one must ask themselves before publishing themselves for all to see or hear. So I started a blog… Why? I am not really interested in being known by the world. Truth be told I am a polite and approachable type, but all in all a bit of a loner. Being that I stand on my own two feet and don’t really seek approval from others, I wouldn’t really start a podcast or a blog because it is a fad or to be cool.

So why is this podcast idea stuck in my craw?

I have come up with a few answers that I think you could plug in the answer box.

  1. Because it is fun. (Not because it is a fad, big difference)
  2. Because I do have something to say that is important for someone to read. (Even if that someone is me…)
  3. Because I feel I have a perspective on various topics that other people could benefit from.
  4. Because I learn best by teaching and I still have so much to learn.
  5. Because ……. I said so.

Having decided this might be worth the effort, I have called an old friend who happens to be a .Net architect and asked if he would be interested in doing a podcast. He was keen on the idea and between the two of us we have come up with several podcast ideas. A few of them aren’t even half bad.

We shall see…..




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