Thanks Desk PM

One of the things people love about being involved with something, as I have been with Desk App, is that sometimes you get a little swag out of the deal.  It helps create a community feeling and serves as a badge of inclusion.  Whatever, I just freaking love swag, I can’t help it.  I am not really a horder, or a big time collector of anything, but I can always use a little more swag in my life.

So, when John sent out some decals in a unique way, I had to participate. I didn’t just receive the decals, I received an envelope full of party materials.  It totally thanked me for supporting Desk and that I should record me enjoying the party he sent and share it with the hashtag, #DESKAPPBOMB.  Fair enough, here goes the party!


Crafted with love using:Made with love, using Desk!


Crafted with love using:Crafted with love, using Desk!