Storms on the Horizon

Storms on the Horizon #MO4

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You know some people would read the title of this post and think, uh oh, storms up ahead mean bad things man… Bad things! And often, I would agree that a impending dark clouds do bring about dark and dangerous conditions. This is true both in the literal and philosophical sense. But sometimes I wonder if maybe, just maybe, if we started looking at those dark clouds a little closer we could see that while there may be challenges and pivots that may fall from the storm, the end results are often very beautiful.

Take for example this storm. We get so many storms here that I honestly don’t recall how bad it ended up being. What I do know is that it made a pretty nice photograph, and I also as a result of this storm, dirt and grime was washed from streets and our grass and trees were watered making them lush and green. In life too I have faced many storms, in fact we are talking life or death type of storms, hurricanes you could say, within my household. I weathered these severe storms with much prayer, grit, and if I’m honest a few tears.

Most of the other storms I have faced throughout my life have been anything from gale force storms down to sun showers. All of these things in my life have helped make me who I am. Truth be told, while I have weathered every storm I have gone through, I have not always done so with much grace or thankfulness in my heart. I have cast aside any lessons that could have been learned as an unappreciated gift taken for granted for the umpteenth time.

Lately though, I have been reaching out towards other endeavors that certainly have promise to change my life in many ways. Some of them could certainly bring storms that will force me to change the way I think and possibly how I live. This is freaking scary, plain and simple. In these storms though I am finally learning that if I can keep my joy, and not let the roughest winds or pounding rain take it from me, I can see things in a new light after the storm. I see the fresh and clean that I didn’t always see before.

Maybe, just maybe, I am finally starting to understand where wisdom comes from…


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