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I am on quite a car kick lately. I think you will have to deal with it for a while as I am, and always have been pretty keen on cars. I love the blending of the aesthetics, engineering, and of course, the speed and handling. If you had to label me, I suppose you could say I am a Porsche guy, but in reality I truly adore all cars. Be they swift and beautiful or ugly and slow. I just love cars and the engineering that make them go.

Being more of a Porsche guy I really dig the 911 across all the years and submodels they have made. I am also the type of person who really appreciates a great outlaw car. Sure, fully restored to factory is a noble and worthwhile effort, but for those cars that may be a little too far gone to make it worthwhile to take them back to factory, going outlaw is the only way to go.

Outlaw, in the car world, more specifically the Porsche world, is when you take a car and restore it. Instead of restoring it to factory new though, you restore it to a crazy vision you have in your head. I have seen dropped down to the ground, or with the top chopped. I have even seen a Porsche 356 purposely left to look like a rat rod, rust and all. It was very cool.

Singer is a custom car company that focuses on one thing. They take the best parts of 50 years of Porsche cars and put them into 1 car making what they consider the ultimate Porsche 911. They even spent 1 or 2 years sculpting the body out of clay before refining it to what it is today. That body today is almost completely carbon fiber, except for the doors which are still metal.

I love this idea. You take the best suspension Porsche ever made, the best brakes, and chassis, etc. You choose these parts from all the 911’s that have ever existed building to create a masterpiece. Singer, does this one thing very, very well. So well in fact, the start around $350,000 per car. That’s a lot of jack, but from my chair totally worth it if you can swing it.

I will leave you with a few links to some wallpapers I recently downloaded.

Singer 911 Setting Sun

Green Singer 911

Baby Blue Singer 911



Image Credit: Frederik Hermann


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