Routines For A Weekend Recharge

Right out of the gate, let me go ahead and admit as I write about recharging over a weekend I am actually sitting at work trying to tie up some end of sprint loose ends. You know what, though. I don’t mind. I am actually being productive on something I enjoy. So as you read this, don’t judge me! 😉

I am in the process, as so many people who create a blog post are, of rebooting my routines and what I give my time to. One of the least productive and most frustrating areas of my life is my weekend time management. I burn the candle at both ends during the week so much, that by the time the weekend shows up, I am pretty much spent.

That isn’t so uncommon, I know, but what I do next is just plain dumb. Because I am fried, I end of waking up late on Saturday, letting beautiful mornings and opportunities to invest in those I love and projects I crave to finish, fall by the way side. It is not uncommon for me to wake up after nine or even as late as 10 in the morning, mope around getting nothing done for a few hours, before finally climbing into the shower and starting my day sometime in the early afternoon.

The rub to the, “sleeping in” on Saturday thing, is that by the afternoon there are errands to run, chores to do, kids to take to their weekly events, etc. And don’t even get me started about how busy Sunday’s get. So I am losing a quarter of my day, that is not allocated to anything, where I could be doing so much more and probably doing a better job of recharging my batteries at the same time.

So, I am changing my schedule. I am going to start making sure that I get out of work if not a bit early then right at the buzzer on Friday. I am going to get home, and immediately tackle basic chores that can be done in a few hours, and then I am going to climb in bed at a decent hour and get a good nights rest.

I will then actually set an alarm for Saturday early morning so that I can get up and hit the farmers market with my wife and kids, and then spend a couple few hours alone at my local coffee shop working on my personal projects. I figure just this small change will have me entering the Monday that follows feeling more refreshed, in touch with my family, and on track with my own projects than I usually do. This will break my bad habits of wasting my weekend while helping me build a positive routine to start me weekend off right.

What habits and routines do you have for your weekends?


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