Routines are Hard

Routines, are hard.  I know, I have just let the secret out of the bag haven’t I?  Of course I haven’t!  If routines weren’t hard we would all be way more productive and happy people.  If you want to get down to it, morning routines, in my ever so humble opinion, are the hardest to implement and maintain.

Actually, having said all of that, is it really so hard to develop a routine, or is it truly just that we have habits that are hard to break.  In theory, you come up with an idea of how you want a stretch of time to play out.  If I had my druthers, I would wake up at 4:45am every morning, go to the gym, get cleaned up and ready to go for the day, spend some time reading and writing, then off to work.  Easy enough.  I mean nobody is holding me back.

Well let me give you a list of… well, excuses really.  Firstly, while I love the idea of waking up early and being able to take my time in the morning, one does have to get some sleep so I am hurting my efforts because of my habit of going to bed very late.  Second, even if I were to wake up early, getting to the gym is not always easy, particularly when I am still sore from the previous days workout.  I have a habit of over-doing it in the gym and thus the next day is often afftected by that.

So, my actual morning routine is just not what I would like it to be.  And I would say that it isn’t that routines are necessarily hard, although I suppose they can be.  I think instead, it is our habits that hinder our efforts.  So, in reality, this isn’t much of a secret at all.  It is more a matter of having the grit and desire that are both strong and big enough to push through these habits.

How do you push through your bad habits so you can effect a better routine?


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