Perfect Day to Feck Perfuction

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And there it is. Between being wicked busy with work, and my notoriously absent-minded brain, I finally missed a post officially in a day. Yes, I have posted more than once a day a bit of the time, so technically, based on post count, I am still up on the year. But from now on, if you look for a post that was published on February 25th, 2015 here, you won’t find one.

My goal is to post every day this year, and so in that nit-picky sense, I guess I failed. But here I am still doing the post that was meant for 56 minutes ago on the 25th. How ironic is it then, that I should receive my feck perfuction tshirt in the mail today.

Yes, I was hoping to be able to say that I literally posted on the day, every day of this year. But I am still in this race. And you know what, I almost have to post daily now. I enjoy it. It is therapeutic for me.

It wouldn’t shock me if I miss a few other days this year for no other reason than, life does get busy. But because it has become a part of my day, I believe I will just go on writing.


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