Nikon D3100 Announced!

Nikon D3100
Nikon D3100

Nikon is at it again!  If you have been under a rock like I apparently have been, then maybe you aren’t aware that Nikon has just announced a new camera that is going to increase the power in the amateur and soccer [insert Mom or Dad as applies] photography market.  When people ask me about the differences between professional cameras and an entry level DSLR one of the biggest differences to me, was the ability to handle low light.  There are obviously many, many other differences, but paramount to me is the high ISO performance.  The D40 for example is an excellent entry level DSLR camera in so many ways however if you try to push it over ISO 400-800 the pictures were unusable in most conditions.  Currently, when a more advanced professional camera is paired with professional lenses, amazing things can happen.  Especially in light starved situations.  But as of two days ago, the gulf between professional camera capabilities and the everyday soccer [insert Mom or Dad] shooter has just gone from being being a 7 day cruise to cross to a 5 day cruise.  And that, I think, is a good thing for everyone.  Unless you like long cruises, in which case that is really a bad analogy.  Having said all of that, I must say that this is not a review of the product, but a look at the specs of this new camera.

Welcome the new baby in the Nikon consumer line of cameras, the Nikon D3100.  Although, this baby is setup to be a giant if it meets the specs, I would certainly wait until the reviewers out there get ahold of this camera and take it for a test drive.  Having used the D40 in the past, and then reading about the horrible high ISO performance of the D3000 I must admit I am a bit cautious about looking forward to this camera.  Not that I am going to purchase this camera, but as I said if these specs hold true then the consumer market has gotten closer, although still very far away but closer, to the professional capabilities available today.  So if I am not going to purchase this camera why does it excite me?  Simple, Nikon won’t move the consumer products forward without shortly after moving the professional equipment up another notch.

If you are interested in a solid consumer DSLR then the D3100 may be your baby.  What I have noted on this camera is the 14 Mega-Pixel (So What) Sensor, ISO 100-3200 [Boost to 12800], Nikon CLS[Creative Lighting System], Auto-Focus in Video Mode, and Video recording up to 1080p.  To me, the biggest new feature would be the expanded ISO range as I love to do low light shooting.  Hopefully the high ISO capabilities are far greater than the documented poor performance of the D3000 that this replaces.  By the numbers this looks as though it could be a real winner, but as I said, if you are in the market for a new DSLR I would at the very least wait until late October before purchasing.  This gives the camera reviewers time to put it through its paces and report their findings.  May I mention as well, as you are a reader of blogs, once you have found a blogger who has given a proper hands on review of this camera try checking their site for a link to purchase it with as it helps support the blogger community.  Happy Hunting.




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