NASCAR 2015 Begins

I have already talked about my love for Motorsports and all things automotive, so it is no surprise I suppose that I find myself sitting here logged into work while watching the Daytona 500. Now I was a fan of NASCAR when I was younger and my favorite driver was Dale Earnhardt and his number 3 Goodwrench Chevrolet. I admit, I like many others somewhat fell away from NASCAR racing after Dale died in a tragic crash coming around turn 4 at Daytona in 2001.

There have been other reasons over the years that have turned me away from really getting back into following the sport. I perceived a bigger prima donna vibe from the drivers than when I was younger, although this isn’t measurable and as such could be no worse than it has ever been.

Another reason is the cars have continued to move away from being true “stock car” to more purpose-built machines. Which is interesting because of my love for the IMSA racing and their prototype cars which are very purpose-built racing machines. I suppose my mind has changed on that a bit.

At the end of the day though, we are still talking about really fast machines that make all the right noises, and have all the same competitive juices. I may never get back to the point where I collect matchbox cars and paint them in the colors of my favorite drivers, but I can truly appreciate what they are and find myself more interested in NASCAR in 2015 than I have been in a long time.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to the fact that deep down, I just wanna go really, really fast.


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6 Replies to “NASCAR 2015 Begins”

      1. I gave it a try. I really did. Watched a few races. No matter how much I wanted to like it, I fell asleep. Maybe its the incessant inane commentary by the American broadcast hosts. The Brits and the Aussie commentary during the Formula 1 isn’t as inane and they don’t talk non-stop. How is that I can watch V8 Supercars but NASCAR bores me to tears? Perhaps because the Aussies turn left and right etc.

        @Chad, I love Rally racing too.

        1. If I had to label my problem with NASCAR it probably has more to do with the face that with the exception of road courses and .5 mile tracks, much of the racing is boring until about 15 laps to go. I still find it enjoyable, just in a very different way that I find F1 enjoyable.

  1. I am so glad NASCAR is back. I appreciate the talent these guys have in driving these machines at such high rates of speed and around other vehicles. I also love road course racing. I guess I am more like you, I just love racing in general.

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