Life Without Cable

I cut cable several years ago, and up until recently I have been pretty content with the decision. We ended up spending some money on Netflix and Amazon prime for regular TV. And then because I am a baseball fan, I paid for access to the subscription. This has really worked well for us, and overall we have been happy using the Chromecast, Apple TV, and XBOX devices to run these internet services through.

Lately though, after having binge-watched so many series, and the fact that new agreements between Netflix or Amazon with the different networks has removed many of my favorite shows, I have considered going back to cable.

Typically though, I can cure this desire by building a channel package that has everything I want and then looking at the monthly cost. This is especially true after you add all the fees and taxes on to that monthly cost.

For now I am sticking with my plan to continue to be a cable cutter, but if something doesn’t change soon with the internet, I may just go back to cable or satellite in the next year or two.

Image Credit: Jeremy Noble


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