Lessons: Live In The Now

If you don’t already know, I am a big Atlanta Braves fan. We are entering into the 2015 season, and although the team executives don’t characterize it as such, we are in the process of rebuilding. What this means is we have gotten rid of some of our big, short contract players in favor of bringing in lots of new young talent so that in a couple of years we may be really competitive again.

Along with the young guys, a clubhouse needs to have some veteran leadership to help the young guys mature and ride out the ups and downs of a 162 game season. One of these veterans we were able to sign for a reasonable price is the veteran, Jonny Gomes. So, as you do, when your team signs a new player you do a little research. What I found after some of this research was a chilling reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Talk about wake up call. A coin flip, and a small decision literally changes, in fact extends, his life.

I have to tell you, with 3 teenagers starting college, or getting close, and a busy schedule at work, dreams of “living for today” seem almost out of reach.

The way I play it, is I may not be able to do something exciting every day, but the role I play right now is husband, father, and provider. That is such an important role to allow my kids to grow up and get out on their own.

But what I can do now, is to stay aware of how important life is, no matter how much of a drudge it may be.

And I can promise you, once the kids are out on their own and being successful, I won’t forget to really make the most out of each day, because I know I am not promised tomorrow.


Image Credit: Nicu Buculei


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