JavaScript and jQuery Have Muscle

I recently attended an amazing JavaScript and jQuery training class for intermediate to advanced JavaScript developers.  As the name implies, I have used both JavaScript and jQuery for some time on many if not most of my projects.  That said, while I don’t use jQuery everyday, I use it enough to understand the benefits from a utility perspective.  This class was fantastic from the standpoint of reinforcing and extending my current knowledge about the utility of JavaScript technologies.  What really blew my mind and opened my eyes was how powerful JavaScript the language is.

I suppose this should be no big surprise to me.  Sure I have heard of NodeJS and cloud 9 ide and even some of the MVC frameworks such as AngularJS, but I guess I had not given much thought to what is under the covers of those servers, applications, and frameworks.  Boy are my eyes open now.  I see a whole new world of possibilities in my efforts to become a better front end developer and designer and say goodbye to developer design.

So, as I go through the effort of seriously increasing my UI/UX application skills I will be posting my findings here.  Particularly issues and questions that I have had a hard time finding an answer to online.  Along with my recent training, to aid in my endeavor, I have restarted my subscription to Team Treehouse.  They are a premier online training site and if you use my referral link above to signup I think I get a few bucks off my bill, so that would be grand.  That said, I would easily recommend Treehouse to anyone regardless of their refer-a-friend program.  Look for more updates soon.




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