iPhone 6 Plus Purchased

So I pulled the trigger on my iPhone 6 plus this morning.  Apple’s sight says that it will ship in 3-4 weeks.  I am hoping the rumors I have been hearing of Apple shipping way sooner than that are true.  I opted for the Space Grey 64Gb model.

My boys and I ran out to the local Apple store this evening so I can actually hold the iPhone 6 Plus in my hands and I was mostly impressed.  I was surprised to see it is very thing, almost too thin to be honest.  It is a good more more narrow than my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but at the same time it was probably a half inch or more longer than my Note 2.  I would like to have seen it to be no longer than the Note 2, but it isn’t bad considering I have gorilla hands.

The build quality seemed to be high as expected (although a as I mention below, still not exactly what I expect from Apple), and while I didn’t try to bend the phone, it felt pretty solid in my hands.  I will use extra caution though and not put it in my back pocket.  The screen was beautiful and over all iOS 8 felt nice and snappy.  I am also very pleased that they didn’t just make the phone bigger, but also modified iOS 8 to work in landscape mode as well with the dock on the side as well as split screen for certain apps.

I do not yet classify myself as an iOS developer yet, but I have been working on an app with a friend over the last few months so I am getting there.  That said, I do not yet know how to go about determining what the larger screen size means for development other than the need for larger display resources.  I also do not know how available some of these new capabilities for the larger screens, such as split screen, to developers.

So, my initial impressions are very good.  I do think that Apple needs to do a better job of quality control to meet the higher standard to which most people hold them to.  Particularly with iOS 8.  Yes, I think it is very nice with great new features, but with all of this rapid pace development, I do feel there is a sloppiness there that can be easily solved.  To be honest, right now I know nothing other than the basics.  Once I receive the device and get a chance to use it everyday I will post more.


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  1. Still not sure if I will pull the plug on an iPhone 6 Plus. My dad has one and it’s pretty awesome, especially for some of the things I do. But I’m also pretty active and the thought of carrying such a big, expensive phone makes me cringe.

    1. I tried the phablet world a couple of years ago with my first Android device with a Galaxy Note 2. I loved it, but still thought it was a long way off from being as good as my iPhones. What I loved about it most was it’s size. I love to watch videos on my phone so the real estate was very much appreciated.

      I did finally pull the trigger on an iPhone 6 Plus and am just chuffed with all it has to offer. Very good phone.

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