Initial Thoughts Google Titanium Thin Frames

So while I am waiting for my new charcoal glass to ship I thought I would provide my initial thoughts on the Google Titanium “Thin” prescription frames. As you would expect the packaging of course was very nice, and it shipped very quickly. In fact it may have been an overnight shipment if I recall correctly. There wasn’t much in the box outside of the frames except for some installation instructions for both you and your optometrist if you choose to have lenses installed and some extra nose pads as well.

First thing I noticed about the frames is that I was very pleased with their look and felt that the images online represented the look pretty well.  What totally blew me away however was just how thin they are.  If I didn’t understand the desire to make an incredibly thin and light frame I would have almost thought Google was skimping on materials, but they aren’t.  The frames I guess are made from titanium and as such don’t need to be as thick to retain strength.  While this is totally a good thing, I have gotten used to heavier frames so there may be some adjustment here.  Also, it is true as many are complaining that the arms do not fold.  I understand the complaint, but this is a beta product after all and I am fine with it.

I did attach my #TeamTangerine Google Glass to the frames briefly and the transfer over was a little tricky but not too difficult. I felt that Glass fit very well onto the frames and were comfortable to put on and wear for a few minutes.  The prism seemed to sit a hair lower than I might have liked, but overall I am VERY pleased with the fit and finish on first glance.  The case that comes with it however leaves something to be desired for sure.  The frames can move around some and the screwdriver that comes with the frames to attach glass with sits right inside the case in a small elastic sleeve.  I am always worried the frames will jostle around and scratch the lenses on the little screwdriver.

As soon as I get my #TeamCharcoal Glass in  later this week (hoping it ships tomorrow) I will fit it to my Google Titanium Frames so I can get a photo of me wearing them to submit to Rochestor Optical to finally get my prescription lenses.  Of course that will also give me a longer period of wearing the new frames to see how they do after a few miles.  This too I shall report back here.

Are you a glasses wearing Google Glass Explorer and if so, what have you done to marry both your glasses and Google Glass?

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3 Replies to “Initial Thoughts Google Titanium Thin Frames”

  1. I wear glasses all day everyday, so what bothers me about these frames, and honestly I dig everything about them, except the nose guards. That is so 1985. I would hold out for a true frame with no nose guards.

    my two cents

    1. I get what you are saying, but i still like having them be adjustable. In the photo I have above, one of them is kicked out to the side a little bit too much as I haven’t actually adjusted them yet. That said, I agree they would look better without but would need something in its place.

  2. I don’t wear glasses anymore — I had laser eye surgery and cataract surgery a few years ago — so Glass does not appeal to me.

    But I do know what it’s like wearing glasses. Arms that don’t fold are a PITA if you need to pack them away (e.g. when wearing contacts).

    As a nerd toy, Glass hits the mark. This is not something someone is going to wear all day. Lots of work to be done!

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