I Quit My Job and You Can Too

I quit. I finally did it. I quit. I have been working for my last company, for over fifteen years. In many ways it is a fantastic company to work for. Great, people, great benefits, so-so pay. But the hours and stress were beyond tolerable, and I felt like no matter how many 50, 60, or 70 hour weeks I put in, I was always falling short and falling behind. Things got so bad, that I straight up quit, without even having another job lined up. I had just started looking, but my wife saw me working until the small hours of morning, stressed to no-end and had finally had enough.

Reaching My Breaking Point

After yet another night where I was up working from home until 2am, my wife started telling me every morning that she wanted me to quit that day. Don’t worry about another job, have some faith, and finally do something for my health and just quit. This went on ever morning for about two weeks before finally, I did it. I came home on a Thursday, stressed beyond measure, and sat down and typed out my resignation.

The next morning, the moment my boss made it into the office I walked straight over, and handed the paper over. It was almost surreal to be honest. A place that I started working at in my early twenties, I had literally grown up wth, was no longer going to be in my life. Now, I gave a three week notice so as to help the process of transfering my projects.

To Quit, or Not

Now, as I said, I quit without having another job lined up. In fact, I had started the process of interviewing with another company before leaving, but it was no sure bet. In the end I did get the other job I interviewed for, but took a week off between the two jobs. I had many reasons for staying at my last job for so long that I won’t go into here. But in all honesty, I really should have left at least a few years ago. I allowed myself to get sucked in, and abused in terms of the time I spent working to my cost.

It Isn’t For Everyone

So if you have a skill set that is in demand, and you really know deep down you need a change, then maybe you need to take a leap of faith to make it happen. I am not advocating anything irresponsible, but you may want to ask yourself the question I had to answer. If the stress of work is seriously affecting your health and/or your family, what is more important. I chose my health and family.

Would you do the same?


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  1. In 1997 while working in high paced web development team for a Fortune 500 company I had finally had enough of the 80 hour work weeks, the late nights, and the stress. One day I walked in, handed my resignation letter over to the supervised.

    Him: “Do you have another job lined up?”
    Me: “No”.
    Him: “Where are you doing after this?”
    Me: Home.
    Him: You need to see HR to schedule an exit interview.
    Me: No.
    Him: You have to!!!
    Me: Why? Because you’ll fire me?

    I got up, walked to my desk, grabbed my programming book and walked home.

    Two weeks later I have a consulting job that paid $30,000 more.

    I am sure you’ll do well Demian.

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