Health Issues Increase Burnout

I have been suffering from pretty hard core burnout across all aspects of my life lately. It has really been building for at least a couple of months. There have been some changes in my life both at home and at work that have added new stresses, not all bad (if that makes any sense), to my day to day world that are probably somewhat contributing. Work has certainly gotten busier, but in many really good ways, and the team I work with now is fantastic. Home life was crazier for a while with my wife working, but now that she is back to a full course load and a full time mom, that part of life is settling down. 

If I had to point my finger at the main cause it would be my health. As I have mentioned in the past, I am pretty darn overweight, but I also suffer from some other issues that I may discuss in more depth later on. Suffice it to say, one particular healht problem basically has me feeling ill almost every day. It has gotten worse over the last year to six months and totally saps me of energy, and ruins my concentration.

Obviously, I still have to perform as an employee, and be there for my wife and kids at home, but it is getting harder by the day. My hope is my new doctor and I can work through my current issues and start getting my zest and zeal back in my step. Until then, I almost have to fake the happy until I am happy again. Hmmm, I shouldn’t say happy. I am still generally happy, I just feel more like curling up and going to sleep all the time instead of working and getting stuff done around the house.

Okay, okay. Enough complaining, but I would be interested in how you push through burnout, especially if it is caused by some health issue?


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