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With all my talk and bluster about a publishing imperfect posts, it is possible that some mistakes may have made it out the door and landed on your homepage.  I would never want you to stop publishing by getting bogged down again with attempts at perfection.  But at the same time, the whole thing is based on the idea that you will, over time and repetition, get to being a better writer with each post.  How do we do that?

Read Old Posts

Allocating time to review the work you have done, key word “done,” is a great way to learn from your mistakes while keeping you publishing the whole time.  By looking at your previous work, well after you have published, you will start getting a feel for some of your common mistakes.  Be it valid words used incorrectly (we all do it by accident when typing), or spelling errors that somehow slipped through you single pass edit, or structural oddities that make things a bit dodgy to read.  You will I’d wager, start to see a pattern in your writing that pops up again and again.

A Word Of Warning

Now before you do what I am suggesting, and you start reading your past posts with a more critical eye, you must be mature enough in your pursuit of imperfection, that you don’t let it start slowing you down with your future posts.  Do not, do not, do not, I beg of you, forget what we have talk ed about previously.  You MUST remember not to chase perfection, that an imperfect published post, beats a “perfect” unpublished post every single time.

Let It Happen, Naturally

So as you heed my word of warning, while you read your old posts, do use a critical eye.  But, and this is a big but, do not take notes, or let it move you to take any extra steps to try to remember on your next post all the things you get wrong.  Let the experience and practice of regular writing slowly transform you into a more rounded and and complete writer.

Read Others Critically

One last thing, in developing your skills over time instead of through brute force.  Read blogs from people that are known for the quality of their content as well as their writing.  If you do this regularly, you will start picking up new elements of writing style and should, with regular practice, start noticing your writing improving and maturing.

Improving your writing is a process.  It takes time to mature and, and care to curate.  It takes commitment, it takes a desire to be better, and it takes the willpower to not try to be perfect and let yourself publish imperfect posts while you allow time to make you better.  I say all this as if I have been succesful at it, and to this point I have not.  But I am practicing what I preach and after just a couple of weeks, I am starting to see a small improvement.

Are you up to the task of letting yourself improve at the same time you let yourself be perfectly, imperfect?



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