Desk PM Testing Continues

I have mentioned in the past about the fact that I am lucky enough to be one of the testers for a soon to be released applications called Desk Publishing Machine.  Unfortunately, my priorities over the past several months have pulled me away form being able to do much testing, but that is now changing.  The testing of this awesome new application and some of my personal projects are now more aligned and I am once again able to start helping out.

One of the greatest features Desk PM has is the ability to publish to multiple blogs an platforms.  With my current personal project that I am just starting on, being able to easily publish to many places is going to make my life WORLDS easier.  For this I am very grateful to have this multi-publishing ability.

The creator of Desk PM, John Saddington is endeavoring to do doing something that is insanely difficult.  That is to craft a focused writing application that seems super simple, when in reality it is insanely powerful.  Even more impressive is that accessing this power is stupid easy.  I would almost compare it to a Bughatti Veyron.  It is a cream puff to drive in easy traffic, but a roaring beast when you need to put the hammer down.

You will hear more from me in the future about Desk PM, and I highly suggest you check it out now.


Crafted with love using:Crafted with love, using Desk!

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