Mars, Here I Come

InSight Mission to Mars

Mars, Here I Come

Okay, maybe not for-reals, but my name is heading there next year aboard the InSight lander. While on mars InSight will:

InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) is a NASA Discovery Program mission that will place a single geophysical lander on Mars to study its deep interior.

I Am Space Geek

As you may or may not know, I am a bit of a space geek. Which is why living so close to the Kennedy Space Center, and being able to watch all of the launches over the years has been so cool.

The InSight mission won’t be launching from KSC, but its destination is the real prize. Learning more about this amazing planet called Mars, has exploded over the last decade or so, and this is just one more way we can set the stage for our eventual travels there.

If you too want to have your name engraved on a chip headed to Mars, visit the InSight Mission site and get your boarding pass today! The are only accepting submissions through 9/8/2015.

Android Finally Gets a Chance

Android Nexus 7

I have been labelled a fan boy of Apple products before. That’s fine. It let’s me know who knows me, and who doesn’t. If you really knew me, you would know I do indeed very much love Apple products, but I also hold no loyalties to any technology. As of today I am officially using Android devices for almost ALL of my mobile experiences. And so far, I am well pleased. Continue reading “Android Finally Gets a Chance”

Life Without Cable

I cut cable several years ago, and up until recently I have been pretty content with the decision. We ended up spending some money on Netflix and Amazon prime for regular TV. And then because I am a baseball fan, I paid for access to the subscription. This has really worked well for us, and overall we have been happy using the Chromecast, Apple TV, and XBOX devices to run these internet services through. Continue reading “Life Without Cable”

Online Friends Are Real

A number of years ago, before the world of social media, the idea of having a friend that you met online and never in person, was considered weird. In fact, many dismissed any friendships I had from the internet as not being real. Can you imagine?

Well, as someone that has been a netizen since the beginning, and even before that a citizen in the BBS realm, I can promise you these friendships may have a different dynamic, but can be every bit as real as an in-person friendship. Continue reading “Online Friends Are Real”

Wanting To Love Google Glass

Google Glass

It has been about year since I purchased my Google Glass, and I thought maybe I would provide a bit of an update.  I recall when Google Glass was announced I was very keen to try it out.  I mean, what self respecting geek hasn’t wanted to have a computer on their face.  My main problem was, the price they were selling it for.  It was a very steep price indeed and one I took a very long time to work up to shelling out.  Other issues I had, also had to do, with the technology itself.  While I did have an Android phone as a development phone, it wasn’t my daily driver, and I wasn’t sure Android itself was something I wanted to jump in to. Continue reading “Wanting To Love Google Glass”

Rockets Into Space X

It is no secret that I would love to move away from Florida to some place that is cooler, more mountainous, and maybe even has a ski season.  The beach is nice and all, but I really only like the beach in the early morning and in the evening.  The ground is too flat, and the lakes stink from the annual lake growth dying off.  And then the worst part of Florida.  The heat.  It is oppressive, and seems to last for ages.  Someday I will leave this humid home of the swamp and reptiles and go north. All that said, there are some seriously fantastic things about Florida that will keep me coming back for vacations once I do manage to escape it’s gravity.

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iPhone 6 Plus Purchased

So I pulled the trigger on my iPhone 6 plus this morning.  Apple’s sight says that it will ship in 3-4 weeks.  I am hoping the rumors I have been hearing of Apple shipping way sooner than that are true.  I opted for the Space Grey 64Gb model.

My boys and I ran out to the local Apple store this evening so I can actually hold the iPhone 6 Plus in my hands and I was mostly impressed.  I was surprised to see it is very thing, almost too thin to be honest.  It is a good more more narrow than my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but at the same time it was probably a half inch or more longer than my Note 2.  I would like to have seen it to be no longer than the Note 2, but it isn’t bad considering I have gorilla hands.

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SOPA and Protect IP Are Scary

I love the internet.  No really, I LOVE the internet.  It provides commerce, education, music, video, and tools for me and most of the connected world.  The food I provide for my family is paid for by the work that I do on the internet.  I am usually not keen to get too political on my little slice of the net here, but I would ask that you view the following short video about the Stop Online Piracy and the Protect Intellectual Property acts.  This is a real eye opener.

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Center For Rights on Vimeo.

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Google Makes Advanced Changes

Looks like Google is making more changes to their search results again.  While every company puts out new releases and with these changes can come modifications to the UI, when google makes a change it can have a pretty big impact on people who get very used to the screen being a certain way.  If you recall, when Google rolled out the “instant” search technology, which I admit I love, it also removed the bottom search box that if you use the new “instant” search you really wouldn’t need it.

But now Google has made another change on something I use on almost every search.  I often use the advanced search function that resided just below the search box on a results page.  But it recently, and I am not sure when because I don’t see it mentioned in the Official Google Blog, has been moved to the bottom of the page.  It can also be accessed via the “Gear” icon at the top right of the page.  Now, I am fine with changes to an application, as I said above I know every company puts out new release and is constantly trying to change things for the better.  In this case however, I think that maybe a bit of form over function may be in play here.

End Mini-Rant…