I Quit My Job and You Can Too

I Quit

I quit. I finally did it. I quit. I have been working for my last company, for over fifteen years. In many ways it is a fantastic company to work for. Great, people, great benefits, so-so pay. But the hours and stress were beyond tolerable, and I felt like no matter how many 50, 60, or 70 hour weeks I put in, I was always falling short and falling behind. Things got so bad, that I straight up quit, without even having another job lined up. I had just started looking, but my wife saw me working until the small hours of morning, stressed to no-end and had finally had enough.

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A Break Was Needed

Howdy all. It has been well over a month since my last post. As my last post indicates, I ended up having a very interesting and scary March, 2015. After that last post I visited the doctor concerned about several things including wondering if I had something major league wrong with my internal organs. Upon visiting my doctor she decided to send me in for a X-Ray and and ultrasound.

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When I Grow Up

I did things a little bit backwards when it came to leaving home after highschool. I had been scratching out code on computers and doing basic websites out of high school. After a brief stint loading luggage and pushing commercial jets around (awesome job by the way), by the age of 20 or so I had my first job as a software tester. All this happened before I ever started college.

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Shows That Inspire

I am not much of a television show person. By that I mean to say, when everyone is talking about The Walking Dead, or, um…. I really can’t think of any of the big shows, but I know people are always talking about them. Sometimes I don’t like being left out of the conversation when these shows are discussed, but at the same time. Not watching so much T.V. affords me more time to do other things. Continue reading “Shows That Inspire”

Health Issues Increase Burnout

I have been suffering from pretty hard core burnout across all aspects of my life lately. It has really been building for at least a couple of months. There have been some changes in my life both at home and at work that have added new stresses, not all bad (if that makes any sense), to my day to day world that are probably somewhat contributing. Work has certainly gotten busier, but in many really good ways, and the team I work with now is fantastic. Home life was crazier for a while with my wife working, but now that she is back to a full course load and a full time mom, that part of life is settling down.  Continue reading “Health Issues Increase Burnout”

Thinking About Ink

This photo is of a tattoo shop in Orlando, Florida that I really have no connection too other than grabbing this shot as I was doing a photowalk near downtown a couple of years ago. At that time, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about getting a tattoo then, although, the thought had crossed my mind several years earlier.  In fact, I had somewhat seriously said that I would get a tattoo on my right arm at the age of 30, and then one on my left at the age of 60.  Continue reading “Thinking About Ink”

Mountains Over Beaches

Welcome to another installment of my “about me” series. Today I want to talk about something in regards to location and my preferences. As you may or may not know, I live in Central Florida, about 30 minutes away from Walt Disney World in one direction and about 40 minutes or so from a beach in another. For some, this location would be jolly good, making for great day trips. And, that person would be right. That’s why I am a big Disney fan, but if I had my druthers, I would live closer to the mountains than I do the beach. Continue reading “Mountains Over Beaches”

Porsche Cars Are Really My Thing

Today is the final day of the Desk, 5 Days to More Engaging Content workshop.  As someone who has struggled to use images without getting bogged down in my search of the perfect image, this workshop has certainly provided a lot of information that I will be using moving forward. Today’s challenge specifically was to use an animated gif or emoticon in our post.  I figured this would be a great time to get a bit more specific about me and to add to my “about me” series which you can find on, you guessed it, my “About” page. Continue reading “Porsche Cars Are Really My Thing”

Vegetarian for 30 Days

Isn’t it funny how an idea can snowball into something very real, especially between friends?  Sometimes those ideas can turn into something more along the lines of a friendly wager.  You may not even be sure how that wager really happened, yet there you are claiming you can do something, you never really wanted to do.  And that is where I found myself a long while back when discussing my love of eating meat.  Truly, in my mind you can keep your chocolates and other sweets and give me fine stinky cheeses and cased and cured meats. Continue reading “Vegetarian for 30 Days”

Sports and Me

I am not a big fan of talking exclusively about myself, but I have set out a task to create a more robust About Me page by actually making it a blog series.  This way I figure it will always be fairly current, as well as an archive of all the things that have made me who I am.  What I am a big fan of is, sports.  At some level I love just about all sports, even the sports I claim to hate. I figured today would be a great day to go “on prompt” with the Desk Community Daily Post and write about what I am doing this day of NFL Super Bowl XLIX and maybe my feelings of sports in general. Continue reading “Sports and Me”