Camera Phones Are Very Cool

It really is true that sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you, as touted by Chase Jarvis and celebrated at his site dedicated to this form of photography which can be found here at  I admit that I often forget I have this device with me when I have an opportunity presented to create something really cool.  This photo was taken in the garage at my work in the early morning.  As you can probably tell then is I am facing east as the sun is just screaming to get inside.  But what I really find cool about this photograph is how it shows light picking up the color of whatever it is reflecting off of including the pond just on the other side of the wall.  I admit this picture has been enhanced a bit with Chase Jarvis’s Best Camera App, but the difference in color is still very pronounced even in the original image.

Wait, you realize I didn’t use a regular camera for this right?  I mean as much as I would like to shoot every day I don’t always have my normal cameras with me.  Heck no, this was taken with my iPhone 4.  That is the whole premise behind the best camera idea.  Even with mild editing the fact that this image was created on a whim when something caught my eye amazes me when I really think about it.  Imagine just 20 years ago people talking on giant brick of a cell phone not having a camera ready at a moments notice.  I am not claiming this image to be a masterful work of art, but it certainly was interesting light and a gritty environment clashing to make an interesting picture.  And what was the best camera available?  Well, it was the only camera I had with me, my iPhone.

Personally, I love the idea.  While I would love to make my wage working in the photography field, the reality is I don’t at this time.  On the contrary I work in an office environment where the only time I see anything but my cubical walls is during my drive in to work and back home again.  And considering my cubical is rage beige (please get the sarcasm in those two words) in color, interesting light is not something I see during the better part of my day.  I bet I am not alone in this either.  With that said, having my iPhone camera ready and willing at all times is becoming a sort of therapy for me during my days when I am not able to be out wandering with my Nikon.  Seriously, I took this picture on my way into work and played with it during a break in my day for a couple of days right in my iPhone app and it was such a nice escape.  It seems so simple, and while it may not entirely satiate my creative appetite, it at least gives me a creative snack to get me through to my next photographic meal… Or something along those lines.

Of course you can use anything to take pictures with regardless if it is an iPhone, a Droid, or even a small clamshell phone.  While I love having a better camera in my camera phone, I don’t usually plan on printing, mattting, or framing much if any of the photos I taken with my iPhone camera.  To be honest, even if you never take the pictures off of your device at least you are still being creative.  Another benefit, is that you are constantly honing your creative eye.  So go forth and be bold, take pictures of common objects from unique perspectives or unique objects from common perspectives.  Just shoot, shoot, and shoot.  I know I will, and you can be sure to see more from me and my iPhone camera.  Not sure if that is a promise or a threat.  You take it how you like.



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