A Break Was Needed

Howdy all. It has been well over a month since my last post. As my last post indicates, I ended up having a very interesting and scary March, 2015. After that last post I visited the doctor concerned about several things including wondering if I had something major league wrong with my internal organs. Upon visiting my doctor she decided to send me in for a X-Ray and and ultrasound.

This is where the adventure really took a turn for the interesting and scary. Thankfully, the focus of both the scans came back normal, but it also showed I had a shadow on my liver. The doctor cautioned that it could be several things that are not a big deal, but we needed to get an MRI to rule out something more severe, including liver cancer.

Anyway, long story short, a week and one long abdominal MRI later I was told that it was not liver cancer. There are several things that do need attention however or my future prognosis is not great. Thankfully, these are all things I can do something about.

Since the beginning of March I am down about 25 pounds, and am living a much healthier lifestyle. I am planning a return to the blog soon, but with everything going on over the last several months, I just didn’t have it in me.

I hope you are all well, and look forward to more posts soon.


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    1. Thanks, John. I guess sometimes it takes a real big life changing health scare to wake someone up to reality that things have to change.

      While I still have a lot to lose, it really amazes me how much better I feel and how much easier I can move after losing just the 25.

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