Being Sick and Burnout

So my attempt to post daily has been totally shot to pieces with how busy I have been at work, and as of this weekend how sick I have been. I am still not feeling well at all, but compared to how I felt as recently as just this morning, I feel as though I could do cartwheels.

While my family may disagree, I think I handle getting sick pretty well. I may get frustrated, but I don’t usually get real down in the dumps about it. This time however, I crashed hard.

I have been really burning the candle all over, as you know if you have read my stuff lately. And, being this busy, more and more projects and things I need to get done are slipping away from my controlled schedule.

This finally hit a head this weekend where I have gotten really sick in a really weird way. I wasn’t terribly congested, or nauseous, or headachy. Sure I had a little of all of those things, but mostly I was just achy and stupid tired.

This led to a serious bout of the doubt and weekend depression. At one point this weekend I had decided that computers and technology were evil, horrible things and that I needed to just go live in a cave somewhere deep in the mountains and live of the grid.

No, I did not have a fever, I think my burnout mixed with a healthy helping of feeling like total crap made for a really bad mix.

This is  why we have goals that we shoot for so that even when you don’t feel like doing something anymore, you know there is a considered path you should continue to move down.

Anyway, hopefully I am on the mend and can get back into the saddle of posting mostly daily… if not every day.


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