2016 WordCamp Jacksonville Talk

2016 WordCamp Jacksonville

Entrepreneur – The Next Step

Later today (4/17/2016) I will be giving my first WordCamp talk at the inaugural WordCamp Jacksonville. I am pretty pumped as I will be sharing my experiences of what it has been like, both good and bad, working for myself as an entrepreneur for the first 30 days.

It is an exciting thing to be your own boss (so to speak), and being two full months in, I have learned a lot. Come join me live during my talk today at 3:10pm. But don’t worry if you miss the live event, the video footage will be uploaded to wordcamp.tv and you can view my slide deck below.

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Get Out to Get Productive

Eastern State Penitentiary photo by Nicolas Raymond. http://freestock.ca/americas_g98-prison_corridor__hdr_p5768.html

This evening I realized I had spent almost the entire weekend at my house. On the surface this doesn’t sound like a horrible thing, but it is a productivity killer for me some times. I just get into this funk where I don’t do anything productive and I get grumpy. Like, get off my lawn type of grumpy. When I get like this I know I need to get out of the house, but for some reason it is so hard to actually do that. I have to get MUCH better at just getting the #@%#@$ out.

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I Quit My Job and You Can Too

I Quit

I quit. I finally did it. I quit. I have been working for my last company, for over fifteen years. In many ways it is a fantastic company to work for. Great, people, great benefits, so-so pay. But the hours and stress were beyond tolerable, and I felt like no matter how many 50, 60, or 70 hour weeks I put in, I was always falling short and falling behind. Things got so bad, that I straight up quit, without even having another job lined up. I had just started looking, but my wife saw me working until the small hours of morning, stressed to no-end and had finally had enough.

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Mars, Here I Come

InSight Mission to Mars

Mars, Here I Come

Okay, maybe not for-reals, but my name is heading there next year aboard the InSight lander. While on mars InSight will:

InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) is a NASA Discovery Program mission that will place a single geophysical lander on Mars to study its deep interior.

I Am Space Geek

As you may or may not know, I am a bit of a space geek. Which is why living so close to the Kennedy Space Center, and being able to watch all of the launches over the years has been so cool.

The InSight mission won’t be launching from KSC, but its destination is the real prize. Learning more about this amazing planet called Mars, has exploded over the last decade or so, and this is just one more way we can set the stage for our eventual travels there.

If you too want to have your name engraved on a chip headed to Mars, visit the InSight Mission site and get your boarding pass today! The are only accepting submissions through 9/8/2015.

Android Finally Gets a Chance

Android Nexus 7

I have been labelled a fan boy of Apple products before. That’s fine. It let’s me know who knows me, and who doesn’t. If you really knew me, you would know I do indeed very much love Apple products, but I also hold no loyalties to any technology. As of today I am officially using Android devices for almost ALL of my mobile experiences. And so far, I am well pleased. Continue reading “Android Finally Gets a Chance”

A Break Was Needed

Howdy all. It has been well over a month since my last post. As my last post indicates, I ended up having a very interesting and scary March, 2015. After that last post I visited the doctor concerned about several things including wondering if I had something major league wrong with my internal organs. Upon visiting my doctor she decided to send me in for a X-Ray and and ultrasound.

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Being Sick and Burnout

So my attempt to post daily has been totally shot to pieces with how busy I have been at work, and as of this weekend how sick I have been. I am still not feeling well at all, but compared to how I felt as recently as just this morning, I feel as though I could do cartwheels.

While my family may disagree, I think I handle getting sick pretty well. I may get frustrated, but I don’t usually get real down in the dumps about it. This time however, I crashed hard. Continue reading “Being Sick and Burnout”

2014 Mini Cooper Countryman S Test Drive

Today a friend at work made my day. No, scratch that. Made my week. The whole department lunched out today to say goodbye to one of our contractors who’s contract ended today. As is typical some people offered to drive, and others, myself included took them up on the offer.

Today however, as we were walking out to my friend’s car, he offered to let me drive. You see, he drives a 2014 Mini Cooper Countryman S, and when I start looking for a new vehicle later this year or early next, I am seriously considering going with the same vehicle. Continue reading “2014 Mini Cooper Countryman S Test Drive”

Singer Porsche

I am on quite a car kick lately. I think you will have to deal with it for a while as I am, and always have been pretty keen on cars. I love the blending of the aesthetics, engineering, and of course, the speed and handling. If you had to label me, I suppose you could say I am a Porsche guy, but in reality I truly adore all cars. Be they swift and beautiful or ugly and slow. I just love cars and the engineering that make them go.

Being more of a Porsche guy I really dig the 911 across all the years and submodels they have made. I am also the type of person who really appreciates a great outlaw car. Sure, fully restored to factory is a noble and worthwhile effort, but for those cars that may be a little too far gone to make it worthwhile to take them back to factory, going outlaw is the only way to go. Continue reading “Singer Porsche”