At the starting gate…

Come one! Come all! To the greatest spectacle known to man.  Come see the blogging, photography, software writing, freak guy…  Or something like that.  Hey, what am I supposed to put in a first post of a blog?  This is officially my first post of my blog found at  You should visit that link sometime…..

Ok, well as you may notice I can’t really call this my first post since you obviously see there are others below.  It IS however my first post at my new home here at, and all of the other posts prior to this are from a previous blog that I used to grind on.  I am finally committing to creating what I wanted to create years ago which is a blog that I can update with my photography, my code, and a couple of articles a week that aim to help the technology world out.

The plan here is to post for myself and for anyone else that my painfully learned life lessons can help.  Once I get everything setup on this site I will be writing two articles a week that are aimed at either helping someone through a problem, reviewing something like iphones or cameras or code, or highlighting something that would be useful to someone.

So, sit back and relax…
As I am just starting back up it may take me a few weeks to get into a proper rhythm, but give me time.  This should be one heck of a ride.  Stay tuned as there is MUCH more to come.

Demian Seiler


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