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The world is shrinking! The world is shrinking! Wait a moment…. It isn’t shrinking?  Ok, well it certainly seems to be based on how fast I just received my new Hoya 77mm UV filters from On Monday, August 2nd I realized that I had forgotten to purchase 2 new lens filters for my Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 AF-S and my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR which I was planning on lugging along on my trip to Boston later that week. The problem was, I was leaving on a 07:00 AM flight on Jetblue just two days later on Thursday, August 4th and none of my local camera shops had what I was looking for. What was I to do, I wondered to myself.

Enter stage left. Not to be denied, I dashed forth to my computer and was briskly whisked away to where my search results bore some fruit. I found a great deal on a Hoya 77mm UV (Ultra Violet) Multi Coated Glass Filter. After adding it to my cart I noticed that Amazon said I could have it shipped to my house by the next day. Certainly this can’t be true, I said to my wife, But assured me that if I ordered within the next few hours (it was already well after lunch), I was guaranteed to have my new Hoya 77mm UV filters in my hands by the next day.

The Catch. There must be a catch, there is ALWAYS a catch. I knew what the catch would be, I knew… You know… The shipping was going to be insanely expensive. Like through the roof insane. Undeterred and in a flash I had added 2 of the Hoya 77mm UV filters to my cart and was heading off to checkout in the hopes that the shipping total wouldn’t make me toss my cookies (read that as a really bad browser cookie pun). In the checkout screen I selected next day shipping, still guaranteed to get to me by the next day, and oh my was the cost not cheap. But the more I thought about it, it was cheaper than I expected by almost half. To overnight two Hoya 77mm UV filters for my Nikkor lenses when the order isn’t placed until almost close of business east cost time, and only charge just this side of $18 (USD)..?  Needless to say I pulled the trigger and sure enough the Amazon supplier, Kellards Photo & Electronics, had it packaged and shipped within hours. I happened to work from home the next day, sick as a dog mind you, and shortly before lunch the big brown truck (UPS for those who don’t know) pulls up and drops off my new Hoya 77mm UV filters.

I know, I know, what is the big deal you may ask. Well, of course I knew about overnight shipping, but when I am dealing with a second hand reseller via or ANY site for that matter I don’t have a high level of trust in the shipping and handling process. In the end I got my new filters on time and had a good trip to Boston, MA. Maybe I am making a bigger deal of this than need be, maybe I could have just written a little blurb saying, Use overnight shipping!!!  But I felt it deserved more. In this world it is hard to find service that truly surprises you in a good way the way did for me.  So next time you are in need of a quick shipment of that new Nikon D700 you just bought, you can trust that will get it too you super fast!



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