Alpha Testing DeskPM

We are just starting our second round of “alpha testing” for Desk Publishing Machine, a soon to be released editing platform from John Saddington of 8BIT and Pressgram fame.  This is my first post with this latest version.  Some of the new features include a new background color, better image inclusion into posts, and a working WYSIWYG.  Additionally, there have been many other enhancements and improvements under the covers that all need to be tested.

As I said, this is the second round of testing I have been a part of and I think it is starting out rather well.  We will be reporting our findings in our backchannel to John and I would imagine he will be turning those around rather quickly.

If you are wondering why I am using a bunch of random effects, it is because I am testing…different so many So, let’s see how some of the new features work.

1398895754_0.pngWish us luck as we continue building the awesome!


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