Being Sick and Burnout

So my attempt to post daily has been totally shot to pieces with how busy I have been at work, and as of this weekend how sick I have been. I am still not feeling well at all, but compared to how I felt as recently as just this morning, I feel as though I could do cartwheels.

While my family may disagree, I think I handle getting sick pretty well. I may get frustrated, but I don’t usually get real down in the dumps about it. This time however, I crashed hard. Continue reading “Being Sick and Burnout”

2014 Mini Cooper Countryman S Test Drive

Today a friend at work made my day. No, scratch that. Made my week. The whole department lunched out today to say goodbye to one of our contractors who’s contract ended today. As is typical some people offered to drive, and others, myself included took them up on the offer.

Today however, as we were walking out to my friend’s car, he offered to let me drive. You see, he drives a 2014 Mini Cooper Countryman S, and when I start looking for a new vehicle later this year or early next, I am seriously considering going with the same vehicle. Continue reading “2014 Mini Cooper Countryman S Test Drive”

Singer Porsche

I am on quite a car kick lately. I think you will have to deal with it for a while as I am, and always have been pretty keen on cars. I love the blending of the aesthetics, engineering, and of course, the speed and handling. If you had to label me, I suppose you could say I am a Porsche guy, but in reality I truly adore all cars. Be they swift and beautiful or ugly and slow. I just love cars and the engineering that make them go.

Being more of a Porsche guy I really dig the 911 across all the years and submodels they have made. I am also the type of person who really appreciates a great outlaw car. Sure, fully restored to factory is a noble and worthwhile effort, but for those cars that may be a little too far gone to make it worthwhile to take them back to factory, going outlaw is the only way to go. Continue reading “Singer Porsche”

When I Grow Up

I did things a little bit backwards when it came to leaving home after highschool. I had been scratching out code on computers and doing basic websites out of high school. After a brief stint loading luggage and pushing commercial jets around (awesome job by the way), by the age of 20 or so I had my first job as a software tester. All this happened before I ever started college.

A few short years after starting doing software testing, where I was writing automated testing code in various languages, I was asked to join the development team.All that said, I have been in the software industry for about 20 years now. Continue reading “When I Grow Up”

Life Without Cable

I cut cable several years ago, and up until recently I have been pretty content with the decision. We ended up spending some money on Netflix and Amazon prime for regular TV. And then because I am a baseball fan, I paid for access to the subscription. This has really worked well for us, and overall we have been happy using the Chromecast, Apple TV, and XBOX devices to run these internet services through. Continue reading “Life Without Cable”