Small Business Account Opened

Finally, my wife and I both had an opening in our schedules to meet down at our local credit union and get our small business account opened up for our little business venture. I am not sure if I have mentioned it in the past, but we have started a small web development company called Presstronic Studios, so I have an avenue to route any freelance work I do through.

For now I am hoping to keep it to a side business, but in a handful of years as the kids are all off to college and my wife gets back into the work force full time, that may change. The plan is to get to a point where I can go fulltime with my freelancing gig. I don’t see that happening for a handful of years, so I have time to build it out. Continue reading “Small Business Account Opened”

Lessons: Live In The Now

If you don’t already know, I am a big Atlanta Braves fan. We are entering into the 2015 season, and although the team executives don’t characterize it as such, we are in the process of rebuilding. What this means is we have gotten rid of some of our big, short contract players in favor of bringing in lots of new young talent so that in a couple of years we may be really competitive again.

Along with the young guys, a clubhouse needs to have some veteran leadership to help the young guys mature and ride out the ups and downs of a 162 game season. One of these veterans we were able to sign for a reasonable price is the veteran, Jonny Gomes. So, as you do, when your team signs a new player you do a little research. What I found after some of this research was a chilling reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed. Continue reading “Lessons: Live In The Now”

Perfect Day to Feck Perfuction

4757162926_6b1cc53fa9_o_ Eric-E-Castro_Perfect-Day-To-Feck-Perfuction

And there it is. Between being wicked busy with work, and my notoriously absent-minded brain, I finally missed a post officially in a day. Yes, I have posted more than once a day a bit of the time, so technically, based on post count, I am still up on the year. But from now on, if you look for a post that was published on February 25th, 2015 here, you won’t find one.

My goal is to post every day this year, and so in that nit-picky sense, I guess I failed. But here I am still doing the post that was meant for 56 minutes ago on the 25th. How ironic is it then, that I should receive my feck perfuction tshirt in the mail today. Continue reading “Perfect Day to Feck Perfuction”

Online Friends Are Real

A number of years ago, before the world of social media, the idea of having a friend that you met online and never in person, was considered weird. In fact, many dismissed any friendships I had from the internet as not being real. Can you imagine?

Well, as someone that has been a netizen since the beginning, and even before that a citizen in the BBS realm, I can promise you these friendships may have a different dynamic, but can be every bit as real as an in-person friendship. Continue reading “Online Friends Are Real”

Views of Ireland

I sit in awe of how amazing and varied this planet is, as well as how it is full of so many interesting cultures and histories.

Along with the size and countless places there are to visit, I am very interested in places where I have tracked my family history.

Ireland is just such a place and I do plan to visit in person some day. Until such time, I enjoy digging around on the web for photos to help show me what I will see when I visit. Continue reading “Views of Ireland”

NASCAR 2015 Begins

I have already talked about my love for Motorsports and all things automotive, so it is no surprise I suppose that I find myself sitting here logged into work while watching the Daytona 500. Now I was a fan of NASCAR when I was younger and my favorite driver was Dale Earnhardt and his number 3 Goodwrench Chevrolet. I admit, I like many others somewhat fell away from NASCAR racing after Dale died in a tragic crash coming around turn 4 at Daytona in 2001. Continue reading “NASCAR 2015 Begins”

Spring Means Baseball

Spring is near, and that has several meanings to me.  Some good, and some not so good. Living in Florida it means the nice cool weather we have had for a couple of months will be coming to an end soon. This is a very big deal since I start getting uncomfortable when temps rise above 75 degrees. Yes, I know, I am in the wrong state.

What spring also signifies to me is pitchers and catchers report, and soon after, real baseball games start rolling along to officially begin, spring training. I am a big baseball fan, and more specifically my team is the Atlanta Braves, I am very much looking forward to Spring.

Continue reading “Spring Means Baseball”

Shows That Inspire

I am not much of a television show person. By that I mean to say, when everyone is talking about The Walking Dead, or, um…. I really can’t think of any of the big shows, but I know people are always talking about them. Sometimes I don’t like being left out of the conversation when these shows are discussed, but at the same time. Not watching so much T.V. affords me more time to do other things. Continue reading “Shows That Inspire”

Featured Images Part Deux

Featured images and I have a history. As small a thing as they may be to use, I regularly found them being the reason why I had trouble actually publishing my posts. So much so in fact, that as part of my commitment to publish every day this year, I shunned the use of them until I could get rid of this block I had in picking an image. I don’t know if it is just my nature, or because I fancy myself as an amateur photographer, it became a point of pain and frustration for me. Continue reading “Featured Images Part Deux”