Featured Images

I need to publish.  Period.  I write and then don’t publish because I am too hung up on being perfect.  So, one of the first steps I am taking is to reverse something I started just a few months ago.  I am no longer going to require a featured image for my posts.  In fact, I will deliberately shy away from them as I don’t ever want it to stop me publishing.  Now, prior to a few months ago the lack of a featured image was not stopping me from hitting that publish button, but it irked me that I didn’t have these awesome images at the top of each post.

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Being better by being worse

As most of us do with a new year, I am reviewing my processes and goals for the next 365 days.  Part of this process is coming to terms with your past failings and just as importantly, why you failed to reach your goals.  A couple of the things I am personally famous for (not Hollywood star famous, but among friends and family, oh man!) is demanding perfection and over-complicating things.  I want everything to be perfect right out of the gate, but as we all know, perfection is unattainable by we humans.  This year, I am going to crack down on some of these things.

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Turn Work Off And Back On Again

What a day!  Once again I found myself at work, on a Friday, after five o’clock, trying to “wrap things up” before a weekend and a few days off the following week.  I tend to work extra hard, pushing through vacation-itus, during the week before any time off to try to ensure that the others in my department don’t get stuck on something with me gone.  Not to ruin the ending for you, but rarely does this effort actually result in my company NOT missing me while I am out.

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Pushing Through Holiday Laziness

Time to be real honest here.  I am big time suffering from what I call, Holiday Laziness?  One of the reasons I typically don’t take a lot of time off during the holidays is because I tend to get more work done with everyone else out of the office.  That said, I also tend to suffer from some bouts of Holiday Laziness.  It is a similar strain of disease as Vacationitis and short-timers syndrome.  Essentially, they both are the condition where you tend to lose your zeal and attention to work when you are near the heavy gravity pull of some well needed leisure time.

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