Publish Unashamedly

People have different ideas as to what defines a real writer.  Some believe that to be a true writer, you must be a published novelist.  Others believe you should at least have been published in a well-known periodical, on a regular basis.  In the world of education and science, having your work published in a aged and respected journal makes you worthy of many titles, including that of writer.  Even if your work is never published and seen by more than a few dozen people on a software project, you can still consider yourself a technical writer. Continue reading “Publish Unashamedly”

SQL Code Formatting

This is going to be a post that has been spawned from a rant that sometimes go on quietly to myself when reviewing someone else’s SQL code. Day in and day out I live in code, be it Java, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and so on and so forth.  When you live in code, you tend to want that code to be clean and today. You know, like the house you live in. If you don’t want the house that you live in looking like a sty, why in the world would you let your code become a disorganized train wreck.

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Iterative Purging Processes

One of the biggest changes in my life over the last year has been this idea of purging.  I am not a “horder” by any stretch, but I can often find reasons to keep some things around that I really don’t need.  I would say, I am no worse than the average bear in what I keep.  I do keep things though, and I am talking stuff that if I am totally honest with myself, I won’t touch in the next year or possibly even 5 years.  Yet, I will hold on to it.  That has started changing and what I am finding, if you treat purging as an iterative process, you can really get a lot done.

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When Your Page Views Drop

As you know, many of us just finished the Desk PM, 10 days to a Better Blog challenge, class, thing.  It really was a fantastic experience and I have gotten a lot out of it towards my commitment to write every day of 2015.  During these 10 days, a community built up around the challenge itself and thus traffic to most of the participants blogs generally spiked.  It was pretty cool, I have to admit, even though the general teaching was to not worry about your traffic numbers as much in the early stages of your blogging efforts.

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Black Bears In Florida

I recently wrote about one of the few reasons I do like being in Florida, and that was being able to go out and catch rocket launches out at Cape Canaveral, FL.  But there are several other reasons as well.  Recently, my wife encountered one of these reasons in the form of one of our neighborhood black bears.  Now I love nature, and really love the animals that live in our woods, but bears are by far and away my favorite.  I think they are beautiful and powerful animals that are to be appreciated and respected.

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Google Material Design, The Three Principles

The other day I discussed my thoughts on the new Material Design Google has introduced at Google I/O last year.  I was impressed with the fact that Google had finally taken a deliberate action to make the UI a first class citizen.  And that they had given developers a target to shoot for so that maybe, just maybe 3rd party applications might start having a consistent look and feel in the Android ecosystem.

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Rockets Into Space X

It is no secret that I would love to move away from Florida to some place that is cooler, more mountainous, and maybe even has a ski season.  The beach is nice and all, but I really only like the beach in the early morning and in the evening.  The ground is too flat, and the lakes stink from the annual lake growth dying off.  And then the worst part of Florida.  The heat.  It is oppressive, and seems to last for ages.  Someday I will leave this humid home of the swamp and reptiles and go north. All that said, there are some seriously fantastic things about Florida that will keep me coming back for vacations once I do manage to escape it’s gravity.

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10 Days of Better Blogging

I want to thank all of my new readers for hanging with me here on my blog.  I know you are all pretty much new because my traffic increased from a handful of views per day to 35 to 50.  Wow.  I know some of you may have stopped by from social blasts for my posts.  But I also know many of you found me from the Desk App, 10 Days to a Better Blog class, by John Saddington.  If you made it through the whole 10 days of the class, may I offer a hearty congratulations!  I hope you have had as much fun, and learned something new about yourself, as I have.

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2015 The Year to Feck Perfuction

That title caught you for a second didn’t it?  Yeah, it caught me too when I first saw that written and even spoken.  More on that in a moment.  Welcome to day 9 of the Desk, 10 Days to a Better Blog assignment.

As I have been writing about, 2015 is the year that I am bucking perfection.  I don’t believe in resolutions, and I guess it has all the smell of a new years resolution, but I refuse to label this initiative… Oh crap, I just labeled, didn’t I?  Whatever!  All I know is, the last couple of weeks or so have been eye-opening and liberating for me.  I have written 11+ consecutive days, I have been more confident in some of my new endeavors, and all around I am plowing forward making progress, getting things done.

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My 2015 S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Time for things to get specific and my committment to be etched in stone.  For nearly the last two weeks, or the whole of 2015, I have written about my writing. Specifically, I have detailed one of my biggest flaws that has literally locked me up for most of my life.  Something that is so insidious and evil that even admitting it’s a problem I refused to believe it internally.  I have outlined what some of the things I am doing to make and keep my commitment to my writing.  That evil little goody-goody is perfection.  I have found perfection to not even really exist, as it is really nothing more than the gold at the end of the rainbow. Unattainable…

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