2015 The Year to Feck Perfuction

That title caught you for a second didn’t it?  Yeah, it caught me too when I first saw that written and even spoken.  More on that in a moment.  Welcome to day 9 of the Desk, 10 Days to a Better Blog assignment.

As I have been writing about, 2015 is the year that I am bucking perfection.  I don’t believe in resolutions, and I guess it has all the smell of a new years resolution, but I refuse to label this initiative… Oh crap, I just labeled, didn’t I?  Whatever!  All I know is, the last couple of weeks or so have been eye-opening and liberating for me.  I have written 11+ consecutive days, I have been more confident in some of my new endeavors, and all around I am plowing forward making progress, getting things done.

That is why when I stumbled on this video, Feck Perfuction, I was blown away.  One of my favorite commercial photographers, Chase Jarvis, shared it on Facebook and the title immediately caught my eye.  This is exactly what I am talking about when I say we should be better, by being worse.  How timely is it then, that I should see it 11 days after starting essentially the same idea.

Feck Perfuction, is an initiative created by James Victore, an American artist and author.  He recognizes the creative mind as being something that lives in this conflicting state of wanting openness and freedom, while at the same time demanding everything to be in that unattainable state, perfection.  Perfection, he says, kills creativity and prevents your from getting things done.  That it assumes an answer, and that “creativity is not math.”  Check it out.

If you have read my posts as of late, then you know that this is exactly what I have been trying to drive home.  I have said, a published post is better than a perfect post, every single time.  He says the same thing when he says, “done, is better than perfect.”  This is so true!  And then the aspect of being open and curious while letting your audience in, being killed by attempts at perfection!?!?  It really is a relationship killer.

I believe in this so much, I just ordered the shirt.  I fecking love it!

This is my guiding principle for 2015. FECK PERFUCTION!  If this resonated with you, then let me know.  Let’s let everyone know that we are better as a people, living with better relationships because we are imperfect.



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  1. Absolutely wonderful. A great reminder. As someone who loves improvisation, especially in jazz, one would have to expect imperfections, not perfection (although I’d argue Kind of Blue is perfection). Anyway, I like your 2015 mantra. Now get messy.

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