Google Glass Installed, Lenses Ordered

Now that I have my charcoal Google glass I managed to install it onto my Google thin frames. I had done this previously with my tangerine glass and found it again to be a little tricky to install.  Overall not too difficult though as it is just one screw and some bespoke fitting that hold things securely in place.  That said, I think the #TeamCharcoal frames and #Glass look super sharp.

Right after this photo, I promptly disassembled them again so I can pack my Google Titanium Thin frames off to Rochester Optical for them to install their new “GOLD” or Google Optimized Lens  Designs into my existing frames.  The reason I am choosing to send my frames off to Rochester Optical is because of these special lenses that have been designed with the location of the Glass Prism in mind.

From their site:

“The location of the HUD on Google Glass forces the wearer to gaze in an upward direction. Normal prescription lenses are not designed to optimize the visual acuity in those upper gaze directions, leading to a blurring of the display, and visual fatigue as the eye itself tries to compensate for the movement to a less clear viewing area. GOLD lenses are specifically designed to remove unwanted aberrations perceived by the wearer in the directions of sight associated with the HUD, giving the wearer a clear vision of the HUD, as well as the normal clear vision their lenses provide of the world around them. The design of the GOLD lenses is intended to enhance overall visual acuity and to reduce eye-strain and fatigue.”

As someone that has worn glasses for most of my life I can totally appreciate what they mean by this.  I know the lenses are designed to be viewed through a specific point and the idea of looking up and right through a non-optimized portion of the lens did bring about a question in my mind initially.  That is why I was so thankful to find Rochester Optical.

They make the process pretty simple.  I followed the basic steps of:

  1. Had my local Optometrists office print up my script and my PD Values
  2. Took a photo of myself wearing my frames with Glass attached as I will wear them normally
  3. Visited the ordering page choosing my lens features and attaching a photo of both my script and my photo from step #2
  4. Did an easy checkout on the site

As I said above, I have since removed Google Glass from the frames as they do not need that to install the lenses, and I will be shipping them off tomorrow.  Because my script is pretty light and does not require progressives or bi-focals of any kind I was told by Coreen at Rochester Optical that my turn-around should be quick.

So, here’s hoping this goes quickly as I am so very interested in being able to wear glass full time.

Have you already gotten prescription lenses/frames for your Google Glass?

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Initial Thoughts Google Titanium Thin Frames

So while I am waiting for my new charcoal glass to ship I thought I would provide my initial thoughts on the Google Titanium “Thin” prescription frames. As you would expect the packaging of course was very nice, and it shipped very quickly. In fact it may have been an overnight shipment if I recall correctly. There wasn’t much in the box outside of the frames except for some installation instructions for both you and your optometrist if you choose to have lenses installed and some extra nose pads as well.

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Goodbye Team Tangerine

Okay so here we go I’ve done a factory reset on the team tangerine Google Glass, and have packed it up according to the instructions. So now I’m going to ship it off morning and will have to wait a week or little more maybe for my team charcoal to come in.

I purchased Team Tangerine for two reasons; one because it and sky blue were the only colors they had in stock at the time and two I am a big fan of the color orange.  That said, I recently purchased the Google Titanium “Thin” frames and when I attached the Tangerine Google Glass I just realized it wasn’t going to work color wise as I wanted.  So that is why I am switching.

What do you think of Google Glass?

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Switching Google Glass Colors

So after getting the Google titanium frames I’ve decided that the #TeamTangerine color just doesn’t jive very well with the color of the frames. So since I’m within my 30 day return window I’ve decided to take advantage of it. I’m sending in my tangerine colored Google Glass in exchange for the #TeamCharcoal ones.

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I Am a Google Glass Explorer

After a year of debating whether I should or shouldn’t try to become a Google Glass Explorer, I finally decided to pull the trigger after getting an opportunity to try them out myself. I didn’t take this decision lightly, but as a developer who wants to expand into new areas of development I took this opportunity to learn something new.

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I Was Once a Skater

Several months back I decided to do something crazy and get a skateboard to help me lose weight. I know I’m in my 30s and you can say what you will about that, but it’s what I enjoyed very much when I was younger and I still think I can do it. I’ve got quite a ways to go to get back to where I once was, but hey at least I’m up and out skating.

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