The blog is active, just having a makeover

You may notice some issues here and there with my blog layout and styling, and I want to apologize for it now.  Not that I have any regular visitors yet, but just know that this is not the normal state of my blog, just  a temporary state of transition to something I hope in the end will be better.


Camera Phones Are Very Cool

It really is true that sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you, as touted by Chase Jarvis and celebrated at his site dedicated to this form of photography which can be found here at  I admit that I often forget I have this device with me when I have an opportunity presented to create something really cool.  This photo was taken in the garage at my work in the early morning.  As you can probably tell then is I am facing east as the sun is just screaming to get inside.  But what I really find cool about this photograph is how it shows light picking up the color of whatever it is reflecting off of including the pond just on the other side of the wall.  I admit this picture has been enhanced a bit with Chase Jarvis’s Best Camera App, but the difference in color is still very pronounced even in the original image.

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